Titanic Mill

This 7-storey cotton mill was constructed in 1911, the year the ship of the same name was commissioned. Its imposing structure led to it becoming known locally as Titanic Mill.

Brief - delivery and product
The specification was for cost effective systems for sound, vision and lighting throughout the ground floor that did not compromise on quality and offered flexibility. The background music system was required to play different music in different areas at different volumes. This was particularly important in the 20 therapy rooms, so music (and lighting) could be adjusted to suit the wide range of treatments. A hard drive music system was the preferred option - "there's nothing worse than skipping discs" - but the facility to use CD's for one-off events was also required.

 Unique worked in conjunction with other companies involved in the project to design, integrate and install systems and products. For example, underwater music was to be provided in the pool and sound and vision equipment had to integrate with the gym equipment.

Client Comment
Warrick Burton the Spa Director says "The great thing about Unique was that they understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and why. Other companies told us what we wanted was not possible and tried to bully us into accepting what they could deliver - but we wanted something special. Not only did Unique meet our requirements they also gave us other options that enhanced the music offer. Preparing and opening such a large, prestigious site requires a great deal of coordination and liaison it was so nice to have an 'all in package' provided for this element of the project