Fitness On Demand™ Unveils 5th Generation Kiosk

Fitness On Demand™ is a market-leading delivery platform of virtual fitness. Since 2011, our services have allowed facilities around the world to economically deliver premium fitness programs to their users. With programming and services designed to optimize space, streamline operations, and offer unparalleled variety, our services are the perfect addition to fitness facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, and more.

GROUP™ by Fitness On Demand™ is designed for fitness studios and small group training zones to optimize their group fitness offerings by instantly injecting hundreds of premium fitness classes into otherwise moderately utilized spaces. GROUP™ provides access to the world’s most renowned programming and recognized content creators on-demand or at designated times scheduled by the facility. Classes broadcast wirelessly on any large format video display, enabling facilities to increase class frequency, format, and quality.

SO1O™ by Fitness On Demand™ is a turnkey all-in-one virtual fitness solution designed to accommodate even the smallest of spaces, instantly transforming them into a self-service guided training station. The hand-picked programming is focused on express, crisp, equipment-free workout experiences and led by the most renowned fitness professionals on the planet. Complete with wall and floor graphics designating the training zone, SO1O™ is a low cost instant point-of-difference that has a minimal footprint on the workout floor, yet provides a big impact with your users.

Virtual classes, including kickboxing, yoga, cycling and dance are taught by world-class instructors, and can be played on-demand, or at pre-scheduled times, offering unparalleled flexibility and access to a variety of classes. For more information, visit

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