Audio visual systems aren't unique.  Our approach is.

Most audio visual products and systems can appear very similar, which can be confusing.  You want to get it right but aren't sure what to buy.  Unique's team work with you to develop an integrated design solution, bespoke to meet the specific needs of your business and budget.
Our systems are delivered ready to operate - not in a box - combining sound, vision, lighting, infrastructure and distribution.


Lighting creates atmosphere through the use of:

Spot or wash.

It can be static or moving, take the eye away from or highlight/advertise features and draw people into areas e.g. retail. Alternatively it can be purely functional to illuminate external areas for safety reasons.

Appropriately designed lighting offers the ability to change atmosphere and mood. Balanced with sound (and vision) well-designed lighting provides an environment that is great for your customers and great for your business.