Lighting creates atmosphere through the use of:

Spot or wash.

It can be static or moving, take the eye away from or highlight/advertise features and draw people into areas e.g. retail. Alternatively it can be purely functional to illuminate external areas for safety reasons.

Appropriately designed lighting offers the ability to change atmosphere and mood. Balanced with sound (and vision) well-designed lighting provides an environment that is great for your customers and great for your business.

Fitness Entertainment

Is a means of occupying and entertaining users in the whole area or on a specific piece of equipment.

It can be just background sound but usually includes a visual element enabling you to play/show different programmes in different areas at different volumes via TV, radio, CD or MP3 etc. Delivery is either wired or wireless and can be linked to background sound for communal or personal use.


Wired is "exactly what it says on the tin." Individual machines are connected to a distribution point giving the user a choice of channels, any one of which can be linked to TV, radio etc.


Wireless is more flexible and provides three options:

Fixed - similar to the wired option whereby the user plugs into an individual machine.
Roaming - allows the individual to move around so they can 'listen in' when using any equipment, CV and resistance, free weights or floor work.
Integrated - CV equipment has integrated or attached LCD screens with numerous channels delivered by wire (cable) broadening user choice.


Delivery can be by cable, satellite, DVD, digital, terrestrial or computer onto various types of screen.

LED LCD Screens.

Double the half-life and generally require less maintenance and service than plasma. Becoming available in larger sizes (15 - 60" is usual) at more affordable prices.


For images around 1.2 - 3 metres in large communal spaces where screen is required to be less obtrusive when not in use and can be dropped electrically e.g. lounges, pubs, spinning classes.

Infrastructure and Distribution

Structured Cabling.

The roll out of higher bandwidth and new technologies can present a number of problems for the best of companies.

Unique Systems can provide the strategic planning and services to develop and implement networks for voice, data, CCTV and media streaming over CAT5e and CAT6 for all types of data projects.

Wireless Systems

Unique offer a Wireless system which enables a connected environment: we also tailor our solutions to meet and future proof with an eye on future technologies.

RF distribution.

Unique install single or multipoint RF distribution systems for TV and fitness entertainment provision.  We also design turnkey media based solutions for Digital TV, Satelite and other platforms.


Background sound creates ambiance through radio, hard disc, CD or MP3 etc. via a speaker system that is often linked to a TV or screen. The simplest system has one source delivered into one area, or the whole site, with one control point. More complex systems enable you to play different music/show different programmes in different areas at varying volumes, each of which can be controlled from the individual areas.

Sound can be preset to reflect the mood you want to create. A hard disc playback facility can be preloaded / set so no staff input is required. Choices are determined to match known patterns of use. For example a café/bar area may want news, varying music styles, TV or sport.

Paging can be delivered similarly into specific areas. It temporarily cuts out the background music so messages can be heard more clearly.

Voice messages or commentary can be overlaid to come from the same source providing an integrated audio experience - such as for DJ's and fitness instructors.