Background sound creates ambiance through radio, hard disc, CD or MP3 etc. via a speaker system that is often linked to a TV or screen. The simplest system has one source delivered into one area, or the whole site, with one control point. More complex systems enable you to play different music/show different programmes in different areas at varying volumes, each of which can be controlled from the individual areas.

Sound can be preset to reflect the mood you want to create. A hard disc playback facility can be preloaded / set so no staff input is required. Choices are determined to match known patterns of use. For example a café/bar area may want news, varying music styles, TV or sport.

Paging can be delivered similarly into specific areas. It temporarily cuts out the background music so messages can be heard more clearly.

Voice messages or commentary can be overlaid to come from the same source providing an integrated audio experience - such as for DJ's and fitness instructors.