Audio visual systems aren't unique.  Our approach is.

Most audio visual products and systems can appear very similar, which can be confusing.  You want to get it right but aren't sure what to buy.  Unique's team work with you to develop an integrated design solution, bespoke to meet the specific needs of your business and budget.
Our systems are delivered ready to operate - not in a box - combining sound, vision, lighting, infrastructure and distribution.


Delivery can be by cable, satellite, DVD, digital, terrestrial or computer onto various types of screen.

LED LCD Screens.

Double the half-life and generally require less maintenance and service than plasma. Becoming available in larger sizes (15 - 60" is usual) at more affordable prices.


For images around 1.2 - 3 metres in large communal spaces where screen is required to be less obtrusive when not in use and can be dropped electrically e.g. lounges, pubs, spinning classes.